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Alan Wake Official Survival Guide Review

Will it Illuminate Your Path to Victory?

The Prima Alan Wake Official Survival Guide is a must-have companion for fans of the action-adventure game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Game Studios. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the guide’s key features, design, organization, clarity, and additional extras, providing an overall opinion on its value for gamers.


Publication Date18 May 2010
AuthorDavid S. J. Hodgson
PublisherPrima Games
ISBN-100307466523 – Standard Edition
Price (RRP)U.S. $19.99 | Can. $22.99 | U.K. £12.99 | Aus. $34.95

Key Features

  • Full-colour, fully-annotated maps for easy navigation and item location
  • Comprehensive walkthrough for all six episodes of the game
  • Detailed information on characters, locations, and collectibles
  • Tips and strategies for combat and exploration
Alan Wake Survival Guide front cover

The Game

Alan Wake was released in May 2010 for the Xbox 360, with a Windows version following in February 2012. The game follows bestselling thriller novelist Alan Wake as he uncovers the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance during a vacation in the small fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington. The game received positive reviews for its creepy atmosphere, fantastic combat, and clever storytelling. A remastered version was released in October 2021 for various platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A sequel, Alan Wake II, is scheduled for release in October 2023.

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The visual design of the Prima Alan Wake Official Survival Guide is engaging and informative, with full-colour maps and detailed illustrations. The guide’s presentation style may not be for everyone, but it effectively conveys the game’s eerie atmosphere and provides valuable information for players.

Design Score: 8/10

Alan Wake Survival Guide - Walkthorugh Episode 1
The guide is written like its part of crime case file – very in-keeping with the game’s overall feel

Organization and Structure

The guide is well-organized and easy to navigate, with clear sections dedicated to different aspects of the game, such as character information, collectible locations, and episode walkthroughs. The custom navigation system in the eGuide version also enhances the user experience.

Organization and Structure Score: 9/10

Alan Wake Official Survival Guide Contents
The guide is well structured with each of the episode having it’s own detailed walkthrough section

Clarity and Explanation

The Prima Alan Wake Official Survival Guide does an excellent job of clearly explaining game mechanics and strategies, helping players understand the nuances of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. The guide also provides valuable tips and tricks for maximizing success in the game.

Clarity and Explanation Score: 9/10

Alan Wake Survival Guide Appendices
Detailed appendices are also provided at the back of the guide

Additional Features and Extras

The guide offers additional features and extras, such as character biographies, documents, and maps. However, it does not include any bonus content like developer interviews or behind-the-scenes information.

Additional Features and Extras Score: 7/10

The character biographies provide a good amount of detail

Overall Score and Recommendation

Overall, the Prima Alan Wake Official Survival Guide earns a score of 8.25/10. It is a valuable resource for fans of the game, providing comprehensive information, clear explanations, and helpful tips. We recommend this guide for anyone looking to enhance their Alan Wake experience and uncover all the secrets hidden within the game.

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Our Summary

Alan Wake Official Survival Guide Review

The Prima Alan Wake Official Survival Guide is a comprehensive and valuable resource for fans, offering detailed information, clear explanations, and helpful tips.…
Organization and Structure
Clarity and Explanation
Additional Features and Extras

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