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BradyGame’s Collector’s Edition Resident Evil 6 Guide Review

We Break Down the Collector's Edition Walkthrough for Capcom's Action Horror Hit

As a long-time fan of survival horror, I was eager to get my hands on the official guide for Resident Evil 6. This collector’s edition hardcover from BradyGames promised to be the definitive companion to Capcom’s most action-packed Resident Evil yet. After thorough testing, I’m pleased to report it delivers the goods.



Publication Date2nd Oct. 2012
AuthorDan Birlew, Logan Sharp
Price (RRP)USA $36.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £19.99

Key Features

  • Complete Campaign Coverage – Discover the best ways to traverse the various areas of Resident Evil 6.
  • Detailed Maps – Give you the intel for every area in the game. Locate helpful items, important weapons, and hidden secrets with these easy to use maps.
  • Hidden Emblem Locations – All of the hidden emblems that unlock information in the game are called out on the illustrated maps and cross-referenced in the text.
  • Mercenaries Strategy and Tactics – Learn strategies to earn quality rankings for Mercenaries mode; including the locations of key items, the best areas for cover, and key places for combo multipliers.
  • Enemy, Item, and Skill Data – Detailed information to guide you in your quest for survival. Learn the best ways to exploit enemy weaknesses, choose the best skills for your play style, and manage your resources for survival.
Resident Evil 6 Brady Games Strategy Guide Front Cover

The Game

Resident Evil 6 represented a major departure for the legendary survival horror franchise when it released in October 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Developed once again by Capcom, RE6 took the series in a more action-oriented direction, with expanded combat and set pieces on a larger scale than past entries.

The ambitious title received mixed critical reviews upon launch. Sites like IGN, GameSpot and Destructoid praised the scope and refinement of the third-person shooting action, but lamented that it strayed too far from the tense horror atmosphere that defined the Resident Evil series.

With an average Metacritic score of 67 on Xbox 360 and 74 on PS3, many critics felt RE6 provided engaging action gameplay but failed to deliver the trademark suspenseful horror the franchise was known for. As Game Informer’s review summarised: “Incredible Co-op With A Few Kinks.”

Regardless of the mixed critical reception, Resident Evil 6 went on to sell over 7 million copies globally across PS3 and Xbox 360, making it the second best selling title in the long-running franchise at the time. For better or worse, RE6’s bold action Focus clearly resonated with many players when it launched.

Nearly 10 years later, Resident Evil 6 stands as a decisive evolutionary step in the franchise history – an experiment in high action horror that deeply divided critics and fans upon its initial release back in 2012.

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As expected from BradyGames, the publisher behind many beloved strategy guides, the Resident Evil 6 guide features top-notch design with vibrant, full-color pages and effective layouts tailored to the game’s mechanics.

The front cover cleanly showcases illustrated portraits of the four main protagonists – Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong. This immediately conveys that the guide comprehensively covers each of RE6’s separate campaign storylines focused on these characters.

Inside, the pages use strong visual language to orient readers. Items, objects, and enemies are called out with iconography and screenshots. Maps of key locations utilise intuitive symbols to indicate points of interest related to the walkthrough text.

By organising relevant screenshots, charts, and maps around the written guide content, the book’s design crucially supplements the gameplay instructions and strategies. Visual learners will especially appreciate these touches bringing the content to life.

The high-contrast colors and spotlighted callouts help direct focus around the page rather than relying solely on dense text. It reflects the in-game user interfaces Resident Evil is known for while keeping key information visually clean.

Small touches like different coloured tabs for each campaign chapter aid quick navigation and reference. This is critical for a lengthy guide. The consistent style and iconography tie the sprawling book together cohesively.

For a game with as much complexity as Resident Evil 6, the guide’s design effectively complements rather than competes with the breadth of information provided. It balances function and form reasonably well considering the massive scope.

Design Score: 8/10

High quality images are present throughout the guide

Organisation and Structure

Considering the expansive breadth of information contained in the Resident Evil 6 guide, the content is logically organised in a sensible manner that complements progression through the game.

The guide is wisely divided into distinct sections for each of the four story campaigns focused on Leon, Chris, Jake, and Ada respectively. This allows readers to target the relevant walkthroughs and strategies for their current character.

Within each campaign section, chapters further break down the progression into manageable chunks focused on specific story chapters, battles, and locations. Optional challenges like Mercenaries mode also get their own focused chapters.

By structuring the guide to align tightly with the game’s progression path, readers can easily find relevant information when they need it without plowing through unnecessary sections. This organization mirrors the game’s own compartmentalisation.

However, the sheer length of each campaign’s chapter does result in repetitive stretches of content between protagonists. When playing multiple storylines, the guide can feel dense with reopened explanations on overlapping gameplay systems and enemies that repeat across the four experiences.

While likely necessary for standalone use, combining redundant sections into unified chapters on gameplay basics, weapons, and enemies could have smoothed out the lengthy text. But this may have sacrificed the isolated campaign focus.

Overall, the guide organisation balances breadth and specificity fairly effectively. It adeptly mirrors the structure of the game while allowing for targeted learning focused on the reader’s current in-game objectives and challenges.

Organisation and Structure Score: 7/10

Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide Content
The guide is logically organised but there is some repetition between the different character campaigns.

Clarity and Explanation

The Resident Evil 6 guide shines when it comes to clearly explaining core in-game systems, combat mechanics, and inventory management. The step-by-step instructions leave no stone unturned for players looking to maximise their zombie-slaying potential.

The chapters on deciphering the intricacies of the skill and upgrades systems are particularly comprehensive. Tables of weapons data and detailed breakdowns of customisation options help ensure readers can outfit their arsenal effectively.

Likewise, the guide provides specific tips on managing limited inventory space. Equipping the right combination of health items and ammunition for particular situations is discussed at length. This level of detail exceeds what is provided in-game.

When it comes to descriptions of objectives, collectable files, and navigating environments, the guide rarely leaves players guessing or confused. The sheer wealth of explicit instructions aim to capture all possibilities.

However, for players seeking highly strategic combat advice tailored specifically to higher difficulties and niche playstyles, the guide can feel less applicable. Certain areas provide quite generic, one-size-fits-all tips rather than technical nuance.

Here, supplemental online wiki guides and YouTube videos from expert players have offered more advanced and specialised tactics to fully master RE6’s complex gunplay dynamics and enemy patterns. The official guide at times lacks this cutting-edge specificity.

But for most players looking to comprehend RE6’s myriad systems and make tangible progress, the official guide has more than enough clarity and detail to satisfy. It may just leave hardcore veterans wanting when it comes to pro-level strategising.

Clarity and Explanation Score: 8/10

The guide provides and good level of textual detail and images are relevant and easy to follow

Additional Features and Extras

Aside from the staggeringly comprehensive 300+ pages of core walkthrough content, the Resident Evil 6 guide unfortunately does not contain many bonus features or supplemental materials to add extra value. This is very much a practical, content-driven guide first and foremost.

Given the sheer density of the step-by-step campaign walkthroughs, detailed enemy profiles, and exhaustive systemic explanations, the publishers clearly prioritised including as much core info as possible over extras.

But it is somewhat disappointing there are no cool retrospective interviews, developer commentaries, or behind-the-scenes concept art to give the guide a bit more collector’s edition polish. The guide does however come with three in-game embroidered

Certain special edition guides packed with cool physical items like art books and figurines have spoiled readers over the years. While likely unfeasible for a standard print guide, some unlockable digital content or a basic poster would have been nice perks.

As it stands, this is very much a bare-bones guide focused solely on informing gameplay and progression. Besides an introductory developer welcome message, there is nary a special feature or supplemental material to be found.

For some readers, this intensive focus on pragmatic content delivery at the expense of presentation and extras may perfectly suit their needs. But those hoping for a touch more flair and nostalgia have come to the wrong grim destination, I’m afraid.

At the end of the day, this guide delivers what it promises on the tin in spades – an abundance of practical gameplay guidance for Resident Evil 6 and little else. For collectors and fans of bonus content, disappointment lurks within.

Additional Features and Extras Score: 6/10

Three embroidered patches are included with the guide

Overall Score and Recommendation

Over a decade later, the Resident Evil 6 guide remains a staggeringly comprehensive tome perfect for devoted fans aiming to completely master the game. More casual players may find its exhaustive breadth overkill compared to more focused online guides.

Overall Score: 7.3/10

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Our Summary

BradyGame’s Collector’s Edition Resident Evil 6 Guide Review

Though densely packed with intricately detailed walkthroughs and strategies, the Resident Evil 6 official guide from BradyGames struggles to balance its exhaustive content with strong presentation and…
Organisation and Structure
Clarity and Explanation
Additional Features and Extras

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