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Driver 3 (Driv3r) Official Strategy Guide Review: Navigating the High-Speed World of Tanner

A detailed examination of the Driv3r Official Strategy Guide for the action-packed driving adventure

The Driv3r (Driver 3) Official Strategy Guide is a comprehensive resource for players looking to master the high-speed, action-packed world of undercover cop Tanner. In this review, we will discuss the key features, design, organization, clarity, and additional extras that make this guide a valuable companion for fans of the game.



Publication Date21st Jun. 2004
PublisherAtari Europe
Price (RRP)UK £12.99

Key Features

  • Detailed walkthroughs for all missions, including tips and strategies for success
  • Comprehensive maps of Miami, Nice, and Istanbul, highlighting key locations and objectives
  • In-depth coverage of vehicles, weapons, and on-foot gameplay mechanics
  • Mini-game strategies and secrets
  • Behind-the-scenes information and artwork
Driv3r Strategy Guide Cover

The Game

Driv3r, the third instalment in the Driver series, was developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Atari. Released in June 2004 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and mobile phones, the game expanded upon its predecessors with on-foot sections, gun combat, and drive-by shooting. Set in virtual recreations of Miami, Nice, and Istanbul, Driv3r received mixed reviews, with some critics praising its graphics and cities, while others criticized its controls and animation.

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The Driv3r Official Strategy Guide features a visually appealing design, with clear and detailed maps, high-quality images, and helpful diagrams. The cover art is engaging, showcasing the intense driving action that the game is known for. The guide’s layout is clean and easy to read, with well-organized sections and clear headings. The use of screenshots and illustrations throughout the guide helps players visualize the strategies and tactics being explained, making it easier to understand and apply them in the game.

Design Score: 7/10

Driver 3 Strategy Guide Controls
The guide features a lot of yellow styling in keeping with the games cover design.

Organisation and Structure

The guide is well-organised, with sections dedicated to mission walkthroughs, vehicle and weapon information, and mini-game strategies. The maps of Miami, Nice, and Istanbul are particularly helpful, allowing players to easily locate key objectives and plan their routes. The guide also includes a table of contents and an index, making it simple to find specific information quickly. This well-structured organization allows players to efficiently access the information they need, enhancing their gameplay experience.

Some of the sections included in the guide are:

  1. Driving School: Covers the basics of the game including controls, actions, options and driving tips.
  2. Driving Games: Detailing the different driving games available
  3. Weapons & Vehicles: Info and stats on the different weapons and vehicles in the game

Organisation and Structure Score: 8/10

The strategy guide is split sensibly into different sections

Clarity and Explanation

The Driv3r Official Strategy Guide does a commendable job of explaining game mechanics, strategies, and mission objectives. The guide provides clear instructions and tips for navigating the game’s various challenges, making it an essential tool for both new and experienced players. The writing style is concise and easy to understand, ensuring that players can quickly grasp the concepts being presented. Additionally, the guide offers helpful hints and suggestions for overcoming difficult sections of the game, allowing players to progress more smoothly through the story.

Clarity and Explanation Score: 8/10

The walkthrough section for missions is clear and easy to follow.

Additional Features and Extras

The guide includes behind-the-scenes information and artwork, offering an interesting glimpse into the game’s development and design. While these extras may not be essential for gameplay, they provide added value for fans of the series. The guide also includes a bonus DVD. The DVD includes:

– A behind the scenes look at the production of the game.
– A short film based on Driver 3, “Run the Gauntlet”.
– A documentary providing insights into the making of the “Run the Gauntlet” short film.
– All pre-launch trailers for the game.
– Extracts from the official Driver 3 soundtrack.

These additional features and extras enhance the overall value of the Driv3r Official Strategy Guide, making it a worthwhile investment for fans of the game.

Additional Features and Extras Score: 8/10

Driv3r Strategy Guide Bonus DVD
A bonus DVD is included with the strategy guide

Overall Score and Recommendation

The Driv3r Official Strategy Guide earns an overall score of 7.8/10. Its detailed maps, clear explanations, and well-organized structure make it a useful resource for players looking to master the high-speed world of Tanner. We recommend this guide to fans of the game, whether they are new to the series or experienced drivers.

Overall Score: 7.8/10

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Our Summary

Driver 3 (Driv3r) Official Strategy Guide Review: Navigating the High-Speed World of Tanner

The Driv3r official strategy guide includes everything you need to know about all the missions and driving games, including detailed hints and tips direct from the game developers.…
Organisation and Structure
Clarity and Explanation
Additional Features and Extras

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