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God of War Ragnarok 100% Walkthrough | Jame’s Guides

God of War Ragnarok, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular 2018 title, has finally arrived, and it’s time to dive into the world of Kratos and Atreus once again. This blog post will provide a summary of the video walkthrough from Jame’s Guides and cover the main points, highlights, and trophies you can expect to encounter during your journey.

Main Points and Highlights

  • The game features 36 trophies in total, including the Platinum trophy “The Bear And The Wolf”.
  • The hardest trophy to obtain is the Platinum trophy, which requires collecting all other trophies.
  • The game has no missable trophies, allowing players to complete 100% in a single playthrough and continue exploring after the story.

Walkthrough Overview

Jame’s Guides walkthrough provides a comprehensive guide to unlocking all trophies and completing the game 100%. It covers combat tips, item locations, and strategies for defeating bosses. The walkthrough is divided into episodes, with Episode 2 focusing on battling Thor and unlocking the “Blood Debt” Bronze Trophy.

Hardest Trophy

While the Valkyrie fights in the 2018 God of War title were notoriously challenging, Ragnarok introduces Berserker stones as the most laborious tasks. Although the Valkyries in Ragnarok don’t quite reach the same level of difficulty, there are still bosses that are tough to beat, along with puzzles and enemies that can stun-lock Kratos.

Trophy Guide

To unlock all 36 trophies in God of War Ragnarok, players must complete various tasks, including:

  • Completing all 47 Favors
  • Obtaining all 38 Artifacts
  • Obtaining all 80 Lore pieces
  • Killing all 48 Odin’s Ravens
  • Opening all 53 Legendary Chests
  • Opening all 35 Nornir Chests
  • Clearing all 15 Yggdrasil Rifts
  • Clearing all 10 Berserker Gravestones
  • Clearing all 6 Draugr Holes
  • Obtaining all 6 Hel Tears
  • Obtaining all 9 Realms Bloom Flowers
  • Defeating all 6 Lindwyrms
  • Completing all 4 Stags of All Seasons5


God of War Ragnarok offers an immersive and challenging experience for both fans of the series and newcomers. With a plethora of trophies to collect and tasks to complete, players can expect a rewarding journey as they explore the world of Kratos and Atreus. So gear up, dive into the adventure, and strive to unlock all 36 trophies!

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