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The Growing Collectability of Video Game Strategy Guides | MJR

Exploring the Appeal of Collecting Strategy Guides and Highlights from MetalJesusRocks' Collection

In the video “Are STRATEGY GUIDES worth collecting?! You might be surprised” by MetalJesusRocks, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to retro gaming with a heavy metal soundtrack, the host showcases his collection of video game strategy guides and discusses their growing collectability.

The video highlights various strategy guides, including those for Soy Kitten 2, Earthbound (which you can now download for free), Half Life, The Witcher, Golden Sun, Dark Souls.

Eathbound Stratey Sold Listings on EBAY
Strategy Guides such are Earthbound now sell for nearly £300 on ebay!

Collecting video game strategy guides has become a popular hobby among gamers, particularly for those who appreciate the nostalgia and artwork associated with these guides. Many of the guides showcased in the video are for RPGs, which often have intricate and detailed worlds that benefit from the additional information provided in strategy guides. Some collectors also appreciate the physicality of these guides, as they offer a tangible connection to the games they love.

As the video demonstrates, collecting video game strategy guides can be a fun and rewarding hobby for gamers who appreciate the art, strategy, and nostalgia associated with these guides. Whether you’re a casual collector or a dedicated enthusiast, there’s no denying the appeal of owning a piece of gaming history.

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